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bioXclusters internationalization Support to SMEs – Call for expressions of interest

What bioXclusters can offer

The bioXclusters’ alliance, formed since 2012 by Biocat (Catalonia), BioM (Bavaria), BioPmed (Piedmont) and Lyonbiopole (Auvergne Rhone-Alpes), has deployed strategic partnerships over the years with organizations outside Europe to offer internationalization services to healthcare SMEs. The organizations are called “gateways” and are the following ones:

  • Health Industries South Australia (Adelaide, Australia)
  • Cinnamed (Brazil)
  • ToHealth (Toronto, Canada)
  • BioFM (Shanghai, China)
  • Osaka Bio Headquarters (Osaka, Japan)
  • Incheon Bio Gateway, composed by Incheon Free Economic Zone (IFEZ) and Incheon Business Information Technopark (IBITP) (South Korea)
  • Wistar Institute (Philadelphia, USA)

 Thanks to their Gateway partners, the bioXclusters alliance is ready to support your company in finding the right business or technological partner, as well as the most suitable expert, consultant or service provider that you might need.

How to promote SME internationalization through bioXclusters Gateways?

If you are looking for a business or R&D partner, if you are offering or need a technology, a service provider or a distributor for your product in one of those markets, just fill in the following form with the details of your offer or request. The bioXclusters alliance will collect and analyze with you the requests that will be then addressed to the Gateways.

Which services bioXclusters Gateways can offer?

Below are some examples of services, the gateways might be able to offer. Please note that some services might be offered for free, others are fee-based services. The most adapted solution will be analyzed in a later stage together with the Gateways:

Main bioXcluster Gateway services:

  • Market information and informative materials about the target country, the local market, major players, and specific opportunities in your sector.
  • Guidance on how to start a business in the target country and about local funding opportunities.
  • Matchmaking service/access to knowledge networks: support to identify the first set of potential key partners (companies, universities, research centers, researchers) to develop projects or business ideas.

Further tailored services:

  • B2B events/meetings with local professionals and experts: consulting services with experts of the local market/industry; meetings and events to stimulate networking.
  • Selection of service providers: referral services (e.g. databases) and support to identify the right supplier, a local distributor or business partner.
  • Legal advice: support for legal aspects of setting up a business in the target country; support for regulatory/compliance issues and intellectual property regulations.
  • HR support: support in finding qualified personnel for the company branch/office in the target country.
  • Virtual office: help to set up an individual company address (mailbox). It can include a call forwarding service, a mail forwarding service or more.
  • Physical office: help to set up an office with an individual address, phone, and high-speed Internet access. Flexible time and renting conditions (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly).
  • Others are possible: just describe your request and we will do our best.

These tailored services could be subjected to a fee, depending on the Gateway providing them. You will be informed priorly.

To submit your bioXclusters Internationalization Support request, please fill in this form

For more information please contact your local cluster’s contact person.

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Inbound Australian Mission to bioXclusters

In order to know the opportunities hidden in the life sciences ecosystem through Adelaide BioMed City, bioXclusters and Health Industries South Australia are organizing an Australian bioXclusters Inbound Mission during the month of december. On December the 7th at BioM (Planegg, Munich) and on December the 11th at Biocat (Barcelona), Marco Baccanti, Chief Executive of Health Industries South Australia and his team will be open to qüestions and Exchange information with all companies from the bioXclusters plus area.

Adelaide has an economy credited with AAA credit rating and free trade agreements with Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, and China. This webinar will provide innovative life science companies with an opportunity to learn how Adelaide, Australia, can help their business and break into the Asia-Pacific market using Australia as a launchpad. From R&D to manufacturing, from sales and marketing to distribution, Adelaide could become an interesting spot in Asia Pacific to establish operations and grow business in Asia Pacific.

bioXclusters has decided to include this inbound mission on its activities due to the strong support for life sciences
companies taking place in Adelaide:

  • 43.5% cashback for R&D, including clinical trials
  • An experienced 50-bed Phase 1 clinical trials unit, with 15,000 healthy volunteers
  • Automotive and defence know-how applied to building medical devices
  • Digital health records available for R&D

As an ideal base for Asia-Pacific operations, Adelaide offers companies the ability to manage sales, marketing and distribution, in a convenient time zone, and in a country with a regulatory framework and business culture familiar to companies from other
developed Western countries.

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What you always wanted to know about overseas internationalization at BIO-Europe

The bioXclusters alliance aims to support the internationalization of European SMEs and to act as a single entry point to Europe for international healthcare players. To support this process, bioXclusters has built a network of “Gateways,” which enables win-win collaborations between European life sciences clusters and overseas markets.

In order to present new Gateway organizations, which facilitate SME softlanding in global key markets, bioXclusters organizes a session at BIO-Europe 2017 in Berlin, Germany: “Global Gateways for European life science clusters and their companies. This year´s BIO-Europe partnering event is expected to attract Continue reading

Images from European Biotech and Pharma Partnering Conference in Osaka, Japan 2016

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bioXclusters reinforces its pathways to the Japanese market

Japan is the second largest pharmaceutical market in the world and leader in imports of the sector. Japanese life sciences companies are in the process of globalization and need alliances with foreign companies and biotechnology institutions to develop new medicines and incorporate new technologies. To that end, Japan is a strategic market for bioXclusters metacluster alliance. In collaboration with its Japanese Gateway Osaka Bio Headquarters, and with support of the EU-Japan Centre for industrial collaboration, bioXclusters organizes a mission to Japan in October 2017, following the 2016 success.

The organized mission allows to attend the following events. 

  • BioJapan (11-13 October 2017): Asia-wide benchmark trade fair for the global biotechnology industry that will bring together key business development and licensing professionals, R&D professionals and executives from biotechnology companies. This year’s fair also includes a HealthCare management and digital health area.

Aforementioned European Biotech and Pharma Partnering Conference in Osaka offers business contacts to industry professionals who are looking for Continue reading

South Australian Health and Medical Research Instititue (SAHMRI) in Adelaide

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What Adelaide, Australia has to offer to Medical Device Companies; A Webinar by Marco Baccanti

bioXclusters plus is organizing several activities with their gateways in order to ease SME landing in our target markets. In this case, we are organizing a webinar to understand the Adelaide life sciences ecosystem (Australia) and to get to know the benefits offered to medical devices companies. The seminar will feature Marco Baccanti, Chief Executive of Health Industries South Australia and is open to all companies in the bioXclusters plus area. Continue reading

BioFM Executive Board members and bioXclusters plus partners sign the China Gateway

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bioXclusters plus SMEs will benefit from a Chinese Gateway through Fenglin Group

This Monday, May 15th, representatives from bioXclusters plus and Fenglin Group signed a Gateway Agreement to offer free services and guidance for SMEs in their operations in China. Services will include assistance in market access, private investment, clinical trials and soft landing packages.  Continue reading

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bioXclusters plus paves the way for precision medicine companies to China Market

On 15th – 16th May bioXclusters plus will carry out a China Mission, bringing clusters and companies together at the Sino European Bio Partnering (SEBP) event at a reduced rate. Following bioXclusters plus strategy, the metacluster alliance will sign an MoU with Fenglin Group in order to provide guidance, consultancy and support to European life -sciences SMEs interested in doing business in China. Continue reading