BioFM Executive Board members and bioXclusters plus partners sign the China Gateway

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bioXclusters plus SMEs will benefit from a Chinese Gateway through Fenglin Group

This Monday, May 15th, representatives from bioXclusters plus and Fenglin Group signed a Gateway Agreement to offer free services and guidance for SMEs in their operations in China. Services will include assistance in market access, private investment, clinical trials and soft landing packages. 

China is a growing market as a result of a substantial healthcare reform and its entrance into the WTO. In order to foster European SME’s competivity in such an interesting personalized healthcare market, the leading metacluster alliance bioXclusters signed this Monday 15th a Gateway Agreement. bioXclusters Gateway agreements build a new framework of collaboration beyond MoU previously signed, offering  assistance in market access, regulatory affairs, private investment, clinical trials and soft landing packages for innovative companies based in bioXclusters plus regions.

This Chinese Gateway Agreement has been signed with Fenglin Biomedical Center (BioFM), an innovation platform based in Xuhui Shanghai, part of Fengling Group, which owns four important biomedical parks in the Shanghai Area, including Juke Park (in Zhangjiang) and Shanghai Fenglin Life Healthcare Park.

BioFM functions as the China soft-landing gateway for oversea biomedical companies. It provides working space in downtown area in a flexible manner and helps clients to increase their business value with professional services and leveraging innovative resources including academics, hospitals, industries and venture capitals in the region.

The signed Gateway Agreement offers European life science company expert advice, market information and initial support for the Chinese market, as well as assistance in finding cooperation partners. As set in the agreement, European companies of personalized medicine are eligible for BioFM consultation package, facilitating market entry and  cooperation partners identification in China. The Gateway Agreement also offers an attractive and very inexpensive infrastructure for European companies for short or long-lasting business visits in China located at Fenglin BioMedical Park in Shanghai, in which hospitals, medical research centers, as well as companies such as Shanghai Pharm and Quintiles IMS are established.

China’s life science market is becoming increasingly attractive for European companies innovating on personalized medicine. As a part of the EU initiative bioXclusters plus strategy to facilitate the entry into non-European key markets, this action paves SMEs’ international way to this still emerging growing economy.


Several transnational meetings took place on the bioXclusters plus sponsored networking tables during the SEBP conference. 

The Gateway Agreement signature took place in the frame of SEBP, Sino – Euro Bio Partnering conference in Shanghai, attended by companies and bio regions from China and Europe. The Conference provides a good opportunity to introduce innovations and initiatives “Made in Europe” in the life sciences and to identify complementary partners and synergies in Chinese market.

Contact your local bioXclusters plus partner for more information.

South Australian Health and Medical Research Instititue (SAHMRI) in Adelaide

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What Adelaide, Australia has to offer to Medical Device Companies; A Webinar by Marco Baccanti

bioXclusters plus is organizing several activities with their gateways in order to ease SME landing in our target markets. In this case, we are organizing a webinar to understand the Adelaide life sciences ecosystem (Australia) and to get to know the benefits offered to medical devices companies. The seminar will feature Marco Baccanti, Chief Executive of Health Industries South Australia and is open to all companies in the bioXclusters plus area.

Adelaide was ranked as the most cost-competitive city in Asia Pacific by KPMG on their Competitive Alternatives index. This webinar will give medical device companies from around the world an opportunity to learn how Adelaide, Australia, can help their business and break into the Asia-Pacific market using Australia as a launchpad. From R&D to manufacturing, from sales and marketing to distribution, Adelaide could become an interesting spot in Asia Pacific to establish their operations and grow their business in Asia Pacific.

At the webinar you will hear about Australia’s regulations and business culture, as well as Adelaide’s cost-effectiveness for life sciences companies such as:

  • Manufacturing: How decades of experience in automotive and defense manufacturing could be applied to medical device manufacturing
  • R&D: 43.5% cashback
  • Sales, marketing and distribution:

Health Industries South Australia is a government agency helping life sciences companies to establish in Adelaide. In its role has signed recently a MoU with the bioXclusters plus alliance (as seen in our newsletter)  which will help forge alliances between companies, research centers and hospitals on the two continents. Moreover, it will also help accelerate companies’ business results and resolve a common
problem for SMEs: landing in new markets.

Along with BioSA, HInSA represents more than 100 companies and research bodies in Adelaide, a city with a quickly growing healthcare and life sciences sector. The Adelaide healthcare and life sciences sector, BioMed City, is one of the largest in the southern hemisphere and receives more than AU$3.6 billions in investment.

The webinar is predicted to take up to one hour, having 30m lecture and 30m Q&A. It will take place at 10am Central European time on Tuesday 11th July 2017. REGISTER HERE

This seminar could become an opportunity for life science companies to know better Asia-Pacific Market. To that end HInSA is organizing an Australia Life Sciences Tour for European companies just before AusBiotech Conference. This will take place
9am to 5pm, Tuesday 24th October 2017, initiated by bioXclusters, open for all bioXclusters plus regions. Registrations should take place by 3rd July through this form.

The annual AusBiotech conference has brought together Australian and international biotech leaders and stakeholders for more than three decades, creating a forum to reflect on the sector’s achievements and exchange ideas to further advance the sector’s standing both nationally and globally.

The annual AusBiotech conference has brought together Australian and international biotech leaders and stakeholders for more than three decades, creating a forum to reflect on the sector’s achievements and exchange ideas to further advance the sector’s standing both nationally and globally.




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bioXclusters plus paves the way for precision medicine companies to China Market

On 15th – 16th May bioXclusters plus will carry out a China Mission, bringing clusters and companies together at the Sino European Bio Partnering (SEBP) event at a reduced rate. Following bioXclusters plus strategy, the metacluster alliance will sign an MoU with Fenglin Group in order to provide guidance, consultancy and support to European life -sciences SMEs interested in doing business in China.

China is one of the fastest growing life science markets in the world. On the mission of bioXclusters plus to improve the internationalization of European personalized healthcare, bioXclusters plus organizes a companies and clusters mission to Shanghai, China, for the Sino European Bio Partnering (SEBP) conference. In addition to bioXclusters companies and Chinese companies, some companies from Switzerland, Austria, and the US will also participate the conference. Such events offer an opportunity to showcase life sciences innovation “Made in Europe” and to find matches and synergies among business partners beyond Europe.

Sino European Bio Partnering (SEBP) is one parallel event to CMEF, offering pre- selection, onsite support and follow up services for European and US participants for an efficient and long-lasting matchmaking. During the opening of the SEBP, an Agreement signing ceremony between Fenglin Group and bioXclusters plus will take place. This Gateway Agreement establishes that European companies receive a free consultancy package from Fenglin BioMedical Center to ease the European life-sciences SMEs entering the Chinese market or looking for business partners in China. The Agreement also offers the bioXclusters alliance, comprising of Biocat (Spain), BioM (Germany), BioPmed (Italy), Lyonbiopole (France) to become an entry point to Chinese companies aiming to get into the European Life Sciences market.

Interested European companies can contact one of the bioXclusters partners.

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Focusing on international expansion to Canada and America in healthcare at BIOEurope Spring

Canada is a country presenting interesting assets for European companies undergoing international expansion, as expressed by the SME members of the bioXclusters+ regions, Auvergne-Rhône-Alps (Lyonbiopole), Bavaria (BioM), Catalonia (Biocat) and  Piedmont (bioPmed).

In order to build up collaboration opportunities, the bioXclusters+ alliance, the European Strategic Cluster Partnership on Personalised Healthcare – co-funded by the COSME Programme of the European Union -, has started discussions with some cluster organisations during BIO Intl. Convention in San Francisco in June 2016. Among them, TOHealth!, an industry-led public private partnership, working as the Toronto Cluster organisation, shares our strong interest to foster external relations and our a strong focus in Personalized Healthcare. Apart from this, a mutual collaboration MoU has been signed between TOHealth! (link) and bioXclusters plus in December 2016 for building bioXclusters+ gateways in Canada.

To that end, bioXclusters+ is organizing a session within BIO-Europe Spring 2017 to compare business environments for the Continue reading

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A new MoU signed with South Korea – Chuncheon Bioindustry Foundation

The bioXclusters plus alliance is pleased to announce that in November 2016, it signed a new, two-year cooperation agreement with the Chuncheon Bioindustry Foundation (CBF) from South Korea. CBF is a government funded organisation, which contributes to the improvement of local and national bioindustries.

CBF provides several systematic supports for biotech business. It represents member companies and research organisations located in the Gangwon Province of South Korea which work in the fields of biotechnology, pharmacy and medical science .

For more information about CBF, please visit the CBF website by clicking here.

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Building bridges between European & Japanese life science regions

bimg_29072ioXclusters plus, the European Strategic Cluster Partnership on Personalised Healthcare – co-funded by the COSME Programme of the European Union – organised a “Cluster-to-Cluster” workshop in BIO-Europe 2016 (Cologne) on 8th November. This session, built up in collaboration with the Council of European BioRegions (CEBR) and with the kind support of the EBD Group and the EU-Japan Centre, was dedicated to EU-Japan collaborations with the presentations of three major life sciences organisations in Japan.

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bioXclusters plus “EU‐Japan Cluster Matchmaking Event” at BIO‐Europe 2016, Cologne, Germany

bioXclusters plus – the European Strategic Cluster Partnership on Personalised Healthcare, which has joined together four leading European Bioclusters: BiocatBioMBioPmed and Lyonbiopole and is co-funded by the European Union’s COSME Programme – is pleased to invite European and Japanese clusters and networks who work in the field of personalised healthcare to participante in a networking session organised at BIO-Europe 2016 in Cologne on the afternoon of 8th November. This session, organised in collaboration with CEBR and kindly supported by EBD Group and EU-Japan Centre, will include presentations on Japanese life science clusters and initiatives.

The session will be held from 14:45 to 15:30 hrs on Tuesday, 8th November, 2016, in the room Rheinsaal 6 on L2 KoelnMesse ‐ Congress Center North, Cologne. Continue reading