bioXclusters’ partners present at “BIO International Convention 2012, in Boston (US)”

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The bioXclusters’ partners participated in BIO Convention 2012, the most renowned fair in the life sciences sector. The convention took place from June 19th to 21st in Boston, USA.

This event is a must for European life sciences clusters and companies as it offers the opportunity to meet US and international players and build new commercial and technological collaborations. Each cluster partner, Biocat (Catalonia,Spain), BioM (Baviera,l Germany), bioPmed (Piemonte, Italy), and Lyonbiopole (Rhône-Alpes, France) attended the fair, accompanied by a delegation of companies. ERAI, coordinator of the project, also attended the convention.

Whilst attending the convention, the partners had the opportunity to foster bioXclusters’ visibility and promote the metacluster, supported by DG Entreprise (European Commission). The CEBR – Council of European Bio Regions – hosted the European Commission’s booth in the exhibition area and gave the four cluster partners the opportunity to successfully introduce the project during “the Cluster Hour session” organized during BIO.

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