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China: Our New Objective for 2013

The BioXclusters partners are preparing next year’s calendar and China is one of their priorities. Amongst the different activities planned, we are organising a visit to the four regions by a Chinese expert in January as well as a mission to the country in May. Continue reading

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Things you have to know about Regulatory Issues in China

There’s no question that China is an appealing market for the biotech industry. This is not only because of the possibilities it offers for lowering  R&D costs, but also because of its market size. Demographics are a reason for this country’s attractiveness: a large and progressively wealthier population that is getting older represents a  new market of potential users of biotech products.

But investing in China is not an easy process. The lack of transparency and the challenges related to regulatory issues make the process long and difficult, in addition to the maze of authorities involved. Continue reading