Overview of Chinese Biotech Market and Opportunities – Gao RongHui

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Gao RongHui has recently visited the bioXclusters regions where he has had the opportunity to learn about its different organisations and present the Chinese market  to cluster company members in workshops.

Gao RongHui is a senior consultant specialised in life sciences, based in Shanghai. During his trip to Europe, he GaoRonghuivisited the four bioXclusters’ regions: Bavaria, Catalonia, Piedmont and Rhône-Alpes where he spoke about the opportunities of the biotech, biomedical and medtech sectors in China.

Diagnostics is one of the activities that should boom in China, since the main diseases in this country are cardiovascular, cancer and infectious ones.

During his visit, Mr. Gao Ronghui had the opportunity to meet companies in individual meetings, which enabled him to discover the bioXclusters consortium and the competencies present in its territories.  The objective will now be to match the European projects he learnt about with potential Chinese life sciences players, in particular those located in the Shanghai region, considered to be one of the strongest bio regions in China.

Regarding investors and funding, Mr. Gao remarked that Chinese institutional investors are the ones that invest most in life sciences, but that there is a certain reluctance to invest at early product stages due to the lack of knowledge of the dynamics and terms that the sector needs for product development. VC firms from western countries are progressively entering the country.

China is one of the target markets of the bioXclusters project. Following his visit to Europe, Mr. Gao will support the bioXclusters’ team and their companies in the preparation of a mission to Shanghai which will take place in the last week of May 2013. This visit will include the participation in a Sino-European Bio-Partnering event and in the 15th Shanghai International Forum on Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical Industry (Bio-Forum). Moreover, in order to better understand the Chinese healthcare system and life sciences sector, visits to key players like technological parks and hospitals are planned.

Take a look at PDF presentation about the Chinese biotech market here.

Video of the presentation in YouTube and Vimeo

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