bioXclusters present at CEBR “Global cluster networking” workshop at BIO

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CEBR, in partnership with the European Commission, organised the “Global Cluster Networking” workshop at BIO Chicago 2013. Among the 30 participating clusters from all over the world, attendees had the opportunity to hear about the life science regions and clusters from Massachusetts, Taiwan, Korea, Brazil, Japan, Canada, Russia and Chicago. Fipase, from Brazil, with which bioXclusters has recently signed a MoU, also presented their cluster.

F.Conicella during the presentation

The bioXclusters project, presented by Fabrizio Conicella from bioPmed, shared its cluster internationalisation strategy and activities with the audience. Beyond the framework of the project, bioXclusters aims to build future bridges through events such as the BIO International Convention which once again confirmed itself as the global meeting point for the life sciences sector. All partners from the bioXclusters project were present to lead the delegations from their regions and position the metacluster as a reference for internationalisation in the life sciences sector.

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