bioXclusters partners take part in the Mission to Brazil headed by the European Commission

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From 10th to 12th September 2013, the European Commission travelled to Brazil with a selection of 9 European, life science clusters and four SMEs. The mission’s objective was to foster bilateral exchanges at different levels between European and Brazilian partners. To this end, the mission was organised around the BioPartnering Latin America event.

The bioXclusters partners participated in this mission as special guests, having been specifically selected to advise the organisers on how to approach this market given their experience from the mission which had taken place the year before.

Photo by Paulo Valle

Photo by Paulo Valle

During the BPL event, European and Brazilian clusters had the opportunity to exchange presentations, information and business models.

Brazil continues to move up in the ranking of countries with high growth. Currently the world’s sixth biggest economy, Brazil undoubtedly offers opportunities at different levels, even though it continues to be a very protected market. Despite these barriers, this country clearly offers growth and business possibilities. Its sustainable growth during the past decade has lifted more than 40 million people out of poverty and into the middle class.

The life sciences sector can offer a wide range of opportunities for European organizations.

The health sector is one of the most important booming markets in Brazil, which is the most populated country in South America having nearly 200 million inhabitants. Emphasis in the domain of red biotechnology is placed on vaccine production, diagnostics and biomedical services. The country also offers good framework conditions for clinical trials.

As we can read in a recent report, “There have been notable advances in Brazil’s public health in the last 10 years, especially in infant and maternal health. Life expectancy has been rising constantly, as fertility and infant mortality rates fall. It seems that all health-related Millennium Development Goals are going to be met. The country which once registered the highest inequality in the world has taken effective steps to address poverty and extend its social security system. Not only has the health sector improved, but also underlying social determinants which is reflected in better health outcomes. Nevertheless, infectious diseases such as dengue, tuberculosis and HIV continue to play a significant role. In addition, lifestyle diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes are growing”.

Human resources are one of the most limiting factors. There are not enough doctors willing to fill the new and modern clinics. The role of the health professional within the PSF demands a lot of ethical and social dedication. With their background and understanding of the medical profession, many Brazilian physicians are not attracted and nor prepared to work in marginalized neighbourhoods overburdened with social problems.” [1]

As already said in our first report, there are opportunities in this exciting and ever developing country.

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