Report on the Mission to the US


The bioXclusters partners, along with some European SMEs, visited Boston (Massachusetts) in October 2013. Read this interesting report that includes the description of the visit and information about the life sciences market in this country.

The objective of the mission to Boston was to discover and detect key entry points in the US biotech and medtech market and to determine opportunities for collaboration with the different organizations visited.

It is noted that the USA represents a key market in life sciences, and notably for Personalised Healthcare. With a life sciences sector of $61 billion and around 1,455 companies, 300 of which are quoted on the stock exchange, the USA is without doubt the leading economy in this market. The American life sciences market alone accounts for 70% of its world turnover and for 15 % of biotechnologies sales. In 2010, no less than $30 billion were invested in R&D .

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2 thoughts on “Report on the Mission to the US

  1. There is no link anywhere to the report, so where can we read it?

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