Updated information about the mission to Japan (Oct. 9th – 14th, 2016)

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The European Strategic Cluster Partnership alliance on Personalised Healthcare, bioXclusters plus, which joins together four leading European Bioclusters –BiocatBioMBioPmed and Lyonbiopole –, has organized a trade mission that will be heading to Japan this October. This visit is organised in cooperation with the EU-Japan Centre. The “Biotech Cluster SME Mission” will take place from 9th to 14th October 2016.

The program includes workshops about the Japanese life science market and its regulation (10th October). A cultural visit is also planned so that participants gain a greater understanding of Japanese values and history.

During the “European Biotech & Pharma Partnering Conference”, which will be held at the Senri-Life Science Center in Osaka on 11th October, company representatives will have the opportunity to hold pre-arranged B-2-B meetings with enterprises from the Kansai regions – in cooperation with Osaka’s Bio Headquarters. The event will also include presentations by experts on business opportunities for European companies in the region.

The full delegation will join the Bio Japan Conference in Yokohama from 12th to 14th October.

You will find the more details about the programme by clicking on this link: Preliminar agenda

For more information regarding this mission and the support provided for EU companies for the bioXclusters plus regions, please contact your regional contact directly:

Biocat: Jordi Fabrega (jfabrega@biocat.cat)

BioM: Dr. Stephanie Wehnelt (wehnelt@bio-m.org)

BioPmed: Alberto Baldi (baldi@bioindustrypark.it)

Lyonbiopole: Simon Gudin (simon.gudin@lyonbiopole.com)

For more information about the EU Japan Centre mission, click on the link below:


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