BioFM Executive Board members and bioXclusters plus partners sign the China Gateway

bioXclusters plus SMEs will benefit from a Chinese Gateway through Fenglin Group

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This Monday, May 15th, representatives from bioXclusters plus and Fenglin Group signed a Gateway Agreement to offer free services and guidance for SMEs in their operations in China. Services will include assistance in market access, private investment, clinical trials and soft landing packages. 

China is a growing market as a result of a substantial healthcare reform and its entrance into the WTO. In order to foster European SME’s competivity in such an interesting personalized healthcare market, the leading metacluster alliance bioXclusters signed this Monday 15th a Gateway Agreement. bioXclusters Gateway agreements build a new framework of collaboration beyond MoU previously signed, offering  assistance in market access, regulatory affairs, private investment, clinical trials and soft landing packages for innovative companies based in bioXclusters plus regions.

This Chinese Gateway Agreement has been signed with Fenglin Biomedical Center (BioFM), an innovation platform based in Xuhui Shanghai, part of Fengling Group, which owns four important biomedical parks in the Shanghai Area, including Juke Park (in Zhangjiang) and Shanghai Fenglin Life Healthcare Park.

BioFM functions as the China soft-landing gateway for oversea biomedical companies. It provides working space in downtown area in a flexible manner and helps clients to increase their business value with professional services and leveraging innovative resources including academics, hospitals, industries and venture capitals in the region.

The signed Gateway Agreement offers European life science company expert advice, market information and initial support for the Chinese market, as well as assistance in finding cooperation partners. As set in the agreement, European companies of personalized medicine are eligible for BioFM consultation package, facilitating market entry and  cooperation partners identification in China. The Gateway Agreement also offers an attractive and very inexpensive infrastructure for European companies for short or long-lasting business visits in China located at Fenglin BioMedical Park in Shanghai, in which hospitals, medical research centers, as well as companies such as Shanghai Pharm and Quintiles IMS are established.

China’s life science market is becoming increasingly attractive for European companies innovating on personalized medicine. As a part of the EU initiative bioXclusters plus strategy to facilitate the entry into non-European key markets, this action paves SMEs’ international way to this still emerging growing economy.


Several transnational meetings took place on the bioXclusters plus sponsored networking tables during the SEBP conference.

The Gateway Agreement signature took place in the frame of SEBP, Sino – Euro Bio Partnering conference in Shanghai, attended by companies and bio regions from China and Europe. The Conference provides a good opportunity to introduce innovations and initiatives “Made in Europe” in the life sciences and to identify complementary partners and synergies in Chinese market.

Contact your local bioXclusters plus partner for more information.

Author: roivivaz

Roi Villar Vázquez (Compostela, 1987) se ha especializado durante 5 años en la comunicación corporativa, relaciones públicas e institucionales en el ámbito científico y sanitario. Su investigación sobre autoanticuerpos y cáncer fue premiada en la Asociación Europea de Proteómica (EuPA). Roi ha crecido profesionalmente en el ámbito público, privado por cuenta ajena y emprendiendo por cuenta propia. Esta variada carrera profesional ha fortalecido su habilidad de negociación, gestión del tiempo, espíritu de liderazgo y gestión de equipos transversales.

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