Inbound Australian Mission to bioXclusters

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In order to know the opportunities hidden in the life sciences ecosystem through Adelaide BioMed City, bioXclusters and Health Industries South Australia are organizing an Australian bioXclusters Inbound Mission during the month of december. On December the 7th at BioM (Planegg, Munich) and on December the 11th at Biocat (Barcelona), Marco Baccanti, Chief Executive of Health Industries South Australia and his team will be open to qüestions and Exchange information with all companies from the bioXclusters plus area.

Adelaide has an economy credited with AAA credit rating and free trade agreements with Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, and China. This webinar will provide innovative life science companies with an opportunity to learn how Adelaide, Australia, can help their business and break into the Asia-Pacific market using Australia as a launchpad. From R&D to manufacturing, from sales and marketing to distribution, Adelaide could become an interesting spot in Asia Pacific to establish operations and grow business in Asia Pacific.

bioXclusters has decided to include this inbound mission on its activities due to the strong support for life sciences
companies taking place in Adelaide:

  • 43.5% cashback for R&D, including clinical trials
  • An experienced 50-bed Phase 1 clinical trials unit, with 15,000 healthy volunteers
  • Automotive and defence know-how applied to building medical devices
  • Digital health records available for R&D

As an ideal base for Asia-Pacific operations, Adelaide offers companies the ability to manage sales, marketing and distribution, in a convenient time zone, and in a country with a regulatory framework and business culture familiar to companies from other
developed Western countries.

Author: roivivaz

Roi Villar Vázquez (Compostela, 1987) se ha especializado durante 5 años en la comunicación corporativa, relaciones públicas e institucionales en el ámbito científico y sanitario. Su investigación sobre autoanticuerpos y cáncer fue premiada en la Asociación Europea de Proteómica (EuPA). Roi ha crecido profesionalmente en el ámbito público, privado por cuenta ajena y emprendiendo por cuenta propia. Esta variada carrera profesional ha fortalecido su habilidad de negociación, gestión del tiempo, espíritu de liderazgo y gestión de equipos transversales.

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